BudExpress Referral Program

Refer a friend and when they make their first purchase you each earn free bud!!

Referrers and referees can each receive a gift of 1g

How It Works

On our checkout page, simply put the referral code associated with the account of the person who referred you. When the order has been confirmed paid, your gift will be automatically added with your next applicable order.

The referee will receive their gift on their first order placed.

The referrer will receive their gift on their next order.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I become a member of the referral program?
A. Just create an account and make a purchase with us. Once your first order has been processed you are qualified for referral gifts.

Q. How can I redeem my gifts?
A. Gifts are given out automatically on your next order. We always give the total accumulated value on record and you will be notified via email with your order coming with your bonus gift.

Q. When will I receive my gift?
A. You get your gift on your next applicable order. Typically, for the referrer it is on their next order. For the referee it is on their first order placed.

Q. Can I purchase the strain currently in stock for the referral program?
A. Our promotional strains cannot be purchased while they are being used for the program. Not to worry, these strains are constantly changing and do show up in our store stock for purchase from time to time.

Q. Can I redeem part of the value I have accumulated and save the rest for a later use?
A. No, the total amount that has been accumulated on your account will be sent out on the following order. We do not allow partial redemption.

Q. I have more than the minimum order amount worth of free gifts, can I redeem  my gifts instead of making a purchase and just pay shipping?
A. No, the only way to receive gifts are when an a purchase in our store has been made.

Note: We can only send out your gift when you place an order.

Q. How can I find answers to other questions?
A. Simply use our chat